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Coming to the close of the E-Cafe project

As we come to the end of our European Entrepreneurship Cafés  Project, we will take a look at the fantastic resources that have been produced as part of the project. The project addresses some of the key areas of actions of the EU: Providing high quality learning opportunities for low-skilled/low qualified adults, supporting an entrepreneurial

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Top 20 Most Influential Millennial Entrepreneurs

Some of the best minds in business today are millennials who've achieved massive success and fame. Millennials - anyone born from the early 1980s until around 2000 - are about 80 million strong. While some see them as a generation stuck looking at their phones, others realize that they're shaping the world around us. Driven

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A business plan is the secret to starting a business successfully

The easiest way to simplify the work of writing a business plan is to start with a business plan template. Follow the link below to start yours today:

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(Leadership) Qualities of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy: they create jobs and are risk-takers, innovators, and problem-solvers. However, there is a big difference between entrepreneurship and a successful business. Entrepreneurship is about taking risks and starting businesses from scratch. It is about innovation, creativity, sometimes about spectacular failure, learning something new - and above all, leading

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Dungannon Enterprise Centre’s FIRST E-Café

We were so excited to have hosted our first ever E-Café here in Dungannon Enterprise Centre It was a fantastic event going through the amazing resources the project partners have been creating over the last 2 years. We also had a special guest from Carma Coffee a new and upcoming business here in the Mid

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5 tips for SMEs: managing money in a crisis

5 tips for SMEs: managing money in a crisis This is a tough time for everybody, but for freelancers, sole traders and small business owners it’s particularly hard. The plans businesses might have had for the year ahead have had to rapidly change in the past few weeks. Instead, processes that might have taken months

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Potential of migrant and refugee entrepreneurship

Potential of migrant and refugee entrepreneurship An estimation that launching 1,000 new refugee businesses each year could yield nearly $100m in annual economic and fiscal gains. Within 10 years, the boost to the economy could be nearly $1bn a year. There would be large social benefits too, not least because economic participation is vital to

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team Want to find out a little more about the E-Cafe Erasmus+ project, meet the partners who are making all of this possible then just keep reading… Individuals are increasingly forced to take over greater responsibility for advancing their competence and their careers. This shift from a traditional educational system and company directed

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