Some of the best minds in business today are millennials who’ve achieved massive success and fame.

Millennials – anyone born from the early 1980s until around 2000 – are about 80 million strong. While some see them as a generation stuck looking at their phones, others realize that they’re shaping the world around us.

Driven more so by mission and values than by money, the Millennial ethos is one that combines individualism to the authentic audition of value to the world. In many ways, millennials are quick to return the rewards bestowed to them from their successes.

Some of the most influential people alive are millennials, and that trend is only going to continue as the generation reaches its maximum career impact over the next two decades. In fact, 30% of our clients at Arkenea are millennials building and scaling their software businesses!

Draw inspiration from the 20 most influential millennial entrepreneurs.